California makes Lunar New Year an official state holiday

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that he had signed a law that would make Lunar New Year an optional state holiday.

According to KCRA 3, the governor’s office announced that he had signed several different laws. Among those laws was AB 2596, which makes Lunar New Year a state holiday. The governor also signed a law that makes Juneteenth a state holiday.

“The Lunar New Year celebrates a chance to leave behind the troubles of the past year and invite prosperity and good luck moving forward,” Newsom in a letter announcing the signing of AB 2596. “Recognizing this day as a state holiday acknowledges the diversity and cultural significance Asian Americans bring to California and provides an opportunity for all Californians to participate in the significance of the Lunar New Year.”

Assemblymember Evan Low, who authored the bill, thanked Newsom for signing it into law.