Mayor Johnson introduces Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders task force

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AAPI for Savannah members. Credit: The City of Savannah

AAPI for Savannah members. Credit: The City of Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTGS) — Savannah Mayor Van Johnson called a press conference Thursday afternoon to introduce a task force focusing on the inclusion and recognition of Asian American Pacific Islander culture.

Vandana Abrams, a member of the task force, explained the purpose of the initiative.

“I think, primarily, our goal is to be a source of information, a source of conversation so that you’re not feeling uncomfortable about asking certain questions like wondering what celebrations are about,” Abrams said.

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Savannah’s Asian population is rapidly growing. The 2021 year’s census shows a 1.8% increase in the city’s Asian residents over the last 10 years, bringing the total to 3.8%.

Johnson said he hopes this task force will provide a stronger voice for Asian and Pacific Islanders in the community.